EYE POWER . . . a cutting edge report on VISION THERAPY
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Stan Appelbaum   Ann M. Hoopes

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Ann M. Hoopes and her husband, Townsend Hoopes, wrote the original Eye Power in 1979. The book was immediately published in hard cover by the New York publishing house of Alfred A. Knopf and was widely disseminated and read around the world. For the past 2 decades, it has been in constant demand in soft cover. In more recent years, new information and scientific research results on the positive effects of vision therapy have emerged. Realizing the original book need to be updated, Ann Hoopes joined forces with Dr. Stan Appelbaum to expand Eye Power and reintroduce vision therapy to the public.

Born in 1933, Ann Hoopes was raised in Wilmette, Illinois, and Southport, Connecticut, and educated at Wellesley College and the University of Bridgeport. A lifelong advocate of alternative medicine, she founded the first-of-its-kind wellness center, and was an owner of Washington's popular health-food store named, Yes! She still serves on the Board of Dr. James S. Gordon's Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

An accomplished pianist, Ann Hoopes resides in the Washington, DC, area, where she has served on the National Symphony Board and for decades produced musicals for a local amateur group, appropriately named “The Hoopes Troops.” An active member of both The Chevy Chase Club (in Maryland) and The Country Club of Fairfield (in Connecticut), she is recognized as an outstanding athlete even at her advancing age. A widow with five children and nine grandchildren, she maintains offshore properties on the island of Barbuda in the British West Indies and at Vilcabamba, Ecuador